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Dr. George Stone

Senior Consultant

Areas of Expertise
Modeling & Simulation Engineering, Management & Strategy, Business Development, Government M&S Domain

Dr. Stone has extensive experience with strategy, business development, mission command, and simulations for all domains in analysis, training, experimentation, testing, evaluation, and planning.  He has served in positions at the DoD Joint Staff, OSD, Army G-3/5/7, and G-8 MC. AMSO Director, TRADOC G-3, NATO, FEMA, HHS, and DHS for training information, technology, operations, and analysis.  He founded and managed a company that provided simulation development, strategic planning, mission command, mobile applications, learning portfolios, and simulation consulting for DoD, FEMA, HHS, and other governmental agencies. 

Following a highly successful military career, Dr. Stone was a Director, Portfolio Manager, Program Manager, Research Advisor, Project Manager, and Technical Advisor for several prominent companies, including Aptima, QinetiQ Inc., Ideal Innovations, Inc., Global Modeling and Simulation Technologies, Inc., Alion Technologies, Systems Kinetics, Inc., and DSFederal Inc.  His accomplishments in these roles include; Incorporating military decision-making with AI and ML capabilities for the Army Common Operating Environment (COE), Technical Lead on Synthetic Training Environment World Server middleware for 3D terrain, virtual trainers, JETS emulators, Modeling and Simulation Framework, managing Army G-8 Mission Command equipment Strategy with Defensive Cyber Operations and Radio Strategy studies for SYSKIN; Project Management for NASA, CDC, and FEMA mobile applications;  created a virtual reality testing lab with current devices such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Gear VR.; managed HHS, FDA, DOT, and US Army training course development programs. 

As one of the top military simulation experts, Dr. Stone directed Model and Simulation integration, synchronization, master planning, research coordination, and policy and standards development to improve and standardize simulation and technology programs.  Dr. Stone was the [primary advisor on M&S and S&T for the Army G-3/5/7, battle command, experimentation, and science technology.  He led a DoD organization of over 80 personnel with a multi-million-dollar budget.  He supported NATO M&S, including providing a lecture series to several NATO partners.

Dr. Stone was the Program Technical Advisor and Army representative assisting in improving performance, usability, database configuration, output visualization, software quality, and information assurance on the Joint Warfare System (JWARS), a $110M program.  He was the software development lead for a $750M simulation program with 9 DoD service organizations and agencies to support joint training.  He was also the lead for the operational (synthetic) environment tools and databases for JSIMS. Dr. Stone was the US Army TRADOC Capabilities manager and onsite training representative for the $300M Warfighter’s Simulation (WARSIM).  As an Assistant Professor at West Point, he developed three Systems Engineering courses for cadets to learn and apply simulations, statistics, and models.  His peers selected Dr. Stone as the Department of System Engineering Professor of the Year.

Dr. Stone has a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, an MS degree in Industrial Engineering (Operations Research), an MA degree in Strategic Studies, and a BS degree in general studies from the United States Military Academy.  He is a certified Program Management Professional, Certified Modeling and Simulation Professional, and an Executive Committee Member of the NTSA CMSP Program.  He is the author of numerous publications on joint warfare, training simulations, and simulations analysis for the Department of Defense.

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