Use the Power of Communication to Make Your Market Share Soar

August 9, 2019

There’s an intrinsic reason why some companies thrive while others just survive. Are you watching a similar company steadily tick upward? Are you lying idle while your competitors slowly pass you by?

To experience a similar or even greater momentum, take action. The secret’s in a little known niche of strategic communications. With this level of know-how, you’ll get in front of your future customers at exactly the right time, close the deal, and watch your market share increase.

Here are some of the many avenues that smart companies employ to build and perfect their business performance:

Media relations and public outreach. You’re doing big things and making big advancements. It means absolutely nothing if you nobody knows about it. Write the press release. Contact the right media contacts. Share the news. Tell the world.

Government records. Knowledge is power when you’re bidding on new work. Use your contacts and resources to better understand the challenge and correctly bid the work. Understand and use the government’s process of FOIA requests.

Congressional affairs and legislative policy. It’s important that you know your government representatives. It’s even more important that they know about you. Establish the relationship. Sustain the relationship.

Presentation building and speechwriting. You have a big presentation for a potential customer. Get it perfect. Keep it memorable. You have one chance to get it right.

Executive communication and company culture. Your company is only as strong as the weakest link on your team. Sometimes it takes saying the right thing and following through to make 100% of your team to work to achieve the highest results. The best leaders create a company culture created with precise communication and outreach.
To learn more, contact Kristen McCullough, the senior consultant for public affairs at TMST at [email protected] or (407) 808-8027. Read her full bio here.

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