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Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Virtual Event

ACC posted a FMS Information Session for Industry Virtual Event, February 15, 2022. Microsoft Teams Event Time: 0900-1100. The FMS informational Session with Industry will be unclassified and open to all interested large and small businesses. Interested Parties must register to receive a link to the event.

FMS Virtual Session Date: 14 February 2022, 0900-1100


USMC posted an RFI for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Resupply Vehicle ( HIMARS RSV). USMC is seeking information to identify interested vendors that have the technical capability of converting up to two hundred twenty three (223) medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) cargo vehicles into High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Resupply Vehicles (HIMARS RSV)

Response Date: March 11, 2022 (1100 EST)

For more details or would like to be added to our information pipeline, which includes detailed notes from monthly meetings like the PALT and “pop-up” opportunities that our Business Intel network has learned about. Contact Mark Hehmeyer, tel (407) 256-6068,

PEO STRI Top Ten List of Focus Areas

• Artificial Intelligence/Machine & Deep Learning (AI/ML)
• Cyber (i.e. Persistent Cyber Training Environment)
• Cybersecurity/Cross Domain Solutions
• Embedded Training
• Game Engine (Platform/Infrastructure) Development and Deployment
• Human Performance & Training effectiveness
• Integrated Internet of Things (IoT) at Point of Need (PoN)
• Medical Simulation
• Multi-Sensory Simulation & Training
• Terrain/Environment Modeling and Rendering 

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