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Consultant of the Quarter

TMST is pleased to announce Mark Hehmeyer as the 3rd Quarter 2022, Consultant of the Quarter.   Mark is a widely recognized military training expert and as TMST’s Chief Operating Officer he has played a major role in the company’s unparalleled growth and success.  Mark’s in-depth experience and expertise provide clients the focus needed for maximizing […]
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Proposal Pricing TMST's Decisive Resource

Pricing is a critical part of a governments decision of awarding Contracts and can be a cost driver for companies bidding. In recent years bid and proposal (B&P) costs have increased the overall project cost. Coupled with the intense competition between companies, it has become even more costly to derive a defined proposal that follows […]
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Tiffany Murphy Promoted

TMST is pleased to announce the promotion of Tiffany Murphy to Office Manager effective August 1, 2022.   Tiffany joined TMST in 2019 as Director of Human Relations and did an outstanding job managing HR requirements for the large increase in TMST consultants.   As Human Relations Director, Tiffany insured all new personnel were properly onboarded and welcomed […]
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The man behind TMST's remarkable growth

In today's training environment with the rapid pace of new requirements, constant emergence of new technologies, and expanding competition, the importance of focused expert efforts in pursuit of new opportunities has never been greater. TMST has an exceptional track record of helping companies achieve their goals.  We asked TMST founder and CEO, Pete Marion about some of […]
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Proposal Pricing Model, PTW Analysis & Strategy and PMO Support

Technology, Modeling & Simulation, and Training (TMST) Consultants LLC continues to grow and offer a wide variety of services in business development, capture/proposal support, and technology & training fields for the Department of Defense. There are many factors and variables involved in pricing a winning bid for all types of Government solicitations. TMST Consultants can […]
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Tailored Proposal Support

TMST tailors our support effort to the client’s needs. Proposal Support, tailored to satisfy our clients’ requirements, is another core competency of Technology, Modeling & Simulation, and Training (TMST) LLC.  We strive to make the Proposal process more efficient and effective by offering a wide range of options and tasks while keeping it tailored to […]
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Flexible Business Capture Support

Capture Support is a core competency of Technology, Modeling & Simulation, and Training (TMST) L.L.C.  Our flexible offerings are tailored to our client base on an individual basis, and sometimes to an individual opportunity to best support their requirements. We can support from a very basic low level-of-effort (LOE) routinely up to high LOE capture/proposal […]
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TMST Consultants, LLC Continues to Grow

Technology, Modeling & Simulation and Training (TMST) L.L.C. is a veteran-owned, small business, founded in 2014, with core competencies in Business Development, Capture/Proposal Support and Technology & Training for the Department of Defense (DoD). Our growing team of over 40 consultants have unsurpassed credentials in the fields of computer science, government acquisition and procurements and […]
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Multi-Domain Operations – What It Means for the Industry?

The 2019 US Army Modernization Strategy (AMS), Investing in the Future provides a clear azimuth for Army modernization.  The strategy states:  “The primary end state of the 2019 AMS, nested with the 2018 Army Strategy, is a modernized Army capable of conducting Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) as part of an integrated Joint Force in a single […]
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Defining Multi-Domain Operations – Maneuver Center of Excellence in the Vanguard

With the publication of TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-1, The US Army in Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) 2028, 6 Dec 2018, The Army has taken a major step in describing the future fight against a pacing threat and the role of echelons above brigade headquarters specifically, Theater Army, Field Army, Corps, and Division.  This document provides a blueprint […]
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Use the Power of Communication to Make Your Market Share Soar

There’s an intrinsic reason why some companies thrive while others just survive. Are you watching a similar company steadily tick upward? Are you lying idle while your competitors slowly pass you by? To experience a similar or even greater momentum, take action. The secret’s in a little known niche of strategic communications. With this level […]
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Competing in an LTPA Environment

We have observed an increase in Government use of Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) acquisition strategy.  This strategy does not generally favor incumbents (there are exceptions) but often creates opportunities for new competitors.  Some questions you should ask yourself: What should you consider before pursuing?  What is LPTA compared to Best Value solicitations? What are […]
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Charles River Analytics

TMST is pleased to announce the advances in human/virtual interactions made by one of our teammates, Charles River Analytics. At the link here you will find an in depth explanation of the ground-breaking efforts of our team and the results of our collaboration.  Our own Mark Hehmeyer has an article which expounds upon these relationships […]
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Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality

The United States military has long used live, virtual, and constructive training for its real-world missions. Initially, constructive and virtual training were either lower-cost alternatives for live training or training for missions too dangerous to conduct as live exercises.  However, the military rapidly saw advantages of combining these training methods (LVC or Live, Virtual Constructive) along […]
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