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John Casey Welch

Senior Consultant

Areas of Expertise
Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Team Management, Cross-functional Team Building, People Analytics, Workforce Analysis, HR Metrics, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution

Casey is an expert in leader assessment, matrix team management, strategic planning, and multinational operations. He completed 23 years of military service with proven excellence in US Army and NATO executive offices.

Casey’s research and analytical skills are exemplary.  He is highly skilled in pipeline planning, workforce optimization, employee efficiency, and researching and managing metrics and analytics. 

During his last military assignment, Casey developed a 15-year strategy for Army-wide assessment and selection processes for battalion and brigade command candidates, leveraging cutting-edge psychometric, data science, and bias mitigation frameworks.  He directed a cross-functional planning team of experts in human resources, operational psychology, behavioral science, and information technology in support of 5000 command candidates. 

Casey has significant military training experience.  He was the Senior Observer, Coach, and Trainer for 18 US and Multinational combat brigade commanders and their staff. He was responsible for capturing key performance indicators, providing feedback through metric-based functional analysis, and conducting comprehensive after-action reviews.  These skills and experience are critical in performing Program and Proposal analysis to provide a fact-based scientific assessment of efforts.  This dramatically enhances win probabilities and high-quality management.

Casey has compelling experience leading multinational, interagency, and external partner teams providing matrixed support.  This experience directly applies to supporting large and small corporate teams, matrixed resources, and competing requirements.   His experience includes managing over $400M in support and foreign military assistance contracts.   

Casey has exemplary skills and experience managing large teams, budgets, contract management, logistics, operational planning, and communications support. Combined with his technical and analytical skills, he provides clients with a tremendous asset in pursuing new opportunities, advancing the management of current efforts, and planning for future endeavors. 

Casey holds a Master of Arts from King’s College, London; a Master of Arts from the Marine Corps University; and a Bachelor of Arts from Texas State University.  He is fluent in Arabic, German, and Italian.

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