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John Cimral

Science Officer

Areas of Expertise
Program Investments, Portfolio Management, Strategic Planning, Federal Marketplace, Human Engineering

John Cimral has a unique ability to understand the human, technical, and business aspects of programs, projects, and teams at all levels.  He has excelled at executive management, investment management, technical leadership, and business development. John has an exceptional understanding of the federal and military marketplaces.  His ability to quickly assess situations, formulate effective strategies, manage solution development, and deliver is exemplary. 

Recently, John served as Vice President, Sales & Marketing of Tessalink Software where he implemented a comprehensive go-to-market strategy for a software product used to manage employee and equipment safety programs.  He tracked millions of safety certifications that resulted in a marketed improvement in corporate safety programs.

John also served as the Chief Information Officer for Cambia Health Solutions (Blue Cross-Blue Shield).  In this position, he revitalized an 800-person, $220M per year information technology organization.  He increased software development productivity by 36% and increased service level attainment of IT operations from 14% to 100% in twenty-one months.  One of John’s most significant contributions was establishing a “run it like a business” culture.

John has Chief Executive Officer experiences with several companies. He was responsible for tremendous growth achieving a 98% renewal rate of technology-enabled service for small government-funded organizations.  He grew recurring revenue by 105% in less than twelve months. He won the 2008 Jolt Award for Best Enterprise Tools and raised over $11.6M of capital in Series C financing.  

As the CEO of ProSight, John led a high-growth, profitable software business from inception through sale.  He invented a unique product that created the IT Governance market, which resulted in being granted eight patents.  John’s company was the fourth fasted growing US Software company in 2004.  John’s customers included DoD, US Army, HHS, NASA, US Treasury, AT&T, Hershey Foods, HP,  and Merck. 

As a Senior Vice President and General Manager,  John had total P&L responsibility for a 600-man division.  He was responsible for business growth from $64M to $104M in three years while maintaining an 18% margin.  He also extended the product line and acquired SQL Software to leverage a customer base of over 600,000 developers. John also served as General Manager, Norton Security Products, Symantec. In this role, he grew an ailing business unit from $52M to over $105M in two years.

John also served in the US Army as a Signals Officer with Joint Service experience in Korea, Company Command, and as an Assistant Professor at West Point.

John has a Master of Science, in Computer Science Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Master of Arts in Human Resources Management, and a Bachelor of Science from West Point, US Military Academy. 

He holds 11 US and International software patents, Is a former board member of the Returning Veterans Project, Cascade Pacific Council (BSA), American Heart Association (2012-2015), and the Software Association of Oregon Board (1998-2001).

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