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Regina Lapierre

Senior Consultant

Areas of Expertise

Regina has tremendous experience supporting proposals in a diverse business environment in both government and civilian sectors.  She has had great success as a technical proposal manager and writer with extensive experience coordinating complex teams and driving the development of compliant and compelling RFP responses.  She has supported 31 major proposal wins. 

Regina is particularly adept at researching and writing about information technology, cyber technology, program management, call center and customer service, data management, predictive analytics, training, energy, utilities, and various aspects of international development. 

She has demonstrated a remarkable ability to incorporate win themes, strengths, and competitive “ghosting” strategies throughout proposals, addressing customer concerns and identifying opportunities.

Most recently, Regina successfully managed a series of proposals for the Air Force, including Flight Training Operations Support for the Air Education and Training Command. She also successfully managed a proposal for an FBI BPA and for the U.S. Navy’s Joint Staff J7 Joint Wargaming and Experimentation Division (JWED). Prior to that, in pursuit of the NASA Consolidated Operations, Management, Engineering, and Test (COMET) contract, Regina acted as the Lead for Volume I: Mission Suitability. This followed her support for NASA’s Artemis Human Landing System Project, which aims to bring people to the moon (first woman) in 2024., Regina was Deputy Proposal Manager and Volume Lead.

Regina has published numerous articles, booklets, whitepapers, and press releases as well as serving as editor for several newsletters. She also developed and edited content for numerous websites. Regina was a Senior Writer at Gartner for several years and won numerous awards for excellence in writing.

Regina excels at combining expert technical expertise with an adroit understanding of requirements, to maximize proposal resources.  This includes team capabilities, early identification of potential challenges, and a steadfast dedication to maintaining schedule and costs. 

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