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Tiffany Murphy

Office Manager

Areas of Expertise

As TMST’s Office Manager, Tiffany provides administrative, payroll, Human Resources, and office managerial support to a large staff of remotely located Consultants. Her responsibilities include developing and executing onboarding policies, administering payroll and invoicing, managing compensation and benefits, providing access to company resources, overseeing employee training and professional development programs, creating and implementing company policies, ensuring government and legal compliance, maintaining accuracy and security for company databases and employee records.

Tiffany Murphy is an experienced Consultant and a Lead Proposal Editor within TMST.  In addition to her internal TMST Human Resource activities, Tiffany is experienced in all facets of proposal development and editing.  She most often supports proposals for staff planning and proposal editing.

Tiffany provides Proposal, Capture, Volume, and Review Team Management Support for proposals, including modeling, Simulation, and Training; Information Technology; operations and maintenance; and Logistics. She also provides consulting services in Human Resource Management support, curriculum development, and Training.

Her services include document review and editing, ensuring consistency with the Request for Proposal (RFP) and proposal strategy:

  • Identifies win themes, slogans, and builds supporting templates, and outlines
  • Edits, reviews, and modifies SME inputs into a familiar and consistent voice
  • Develops verbiage for critical paragraphs supporting win themes and key discriminators
  • Participates in proposal reviews - “Color Reviews”
  • Supported successful proposals for both CONUS & OCONUS operations
  • Supports rigorous execution of the entire proposal 
  • Develops and manages win plans and schedules
  • Authors or edits Executive Summaries; Technical and Management approaches;
    Past Performance; Price Narratives, and Plans
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